Frequently Asked Questions
What is this program?
Vail InDEED, the Town’s new deed restriction purchase program, is created to incentivize homeowners and real estate buyers/sellers to deed restrict their property to help the Town meet the 2027 Housing Strategic Plan goal of acquiring an additional 1,000 deed restricted units by the year 2027 and helps to reach the goal of maintaining and sustaining homes for residents within the community.
Who’s eligible?
If you are interested in purchasing, investing, remodeling, selling, or taking a vacation and live or want to live in Vail then you are eligible to apply for funds. In exchange the Town receives a recorded deed restriction on a Vail property.
Can I deed restrict a property with a right of first refusal?
No. The Town cannot record a deed restriction on rights of first refusal. 
Where can I find information on the Vail InDEED agreements (purchase and deed restriction)?
Why should I consider deed restricting my property?
The Town’s goal is to maintain and sustain community for residents especially for employee residential housing. When you deed restrict your property you help to achieve this goal for the community. You may use the funds received from the sale of the deed restriction for any purpose.
What is a deed restriction and what are the restrictions?
A deed restriction is an agreement that restricts the use of a property in some way. A deed restriction will be recorded on your property in exchange for some amount of funding from the Vail InDEED program.
What are the key terms of the deed restriction?
1) The property must be occupied as a primary residence by individuals who work a minimum of 30 hours per week in Eagle County.
2) The deed restriction does not impose an appreciation cap.
What happens to the deed restriction when I sell my property?
Deed restrictions remain with the property for all future property sales.
Can I use a realtor when selling my home or do I have to sell through the Town?
Yes you can use a realtor of your choosing and you are responsible for any incurred costs.  The Vail InDEED program does not go through the Town for re-sales nor is there a price appreciation cap.
Is there a transfer tax and will I exempt from other taxes?
Deed Restricted unit sales are exempt from the real estate transfer tax (RETT). The buyer or seller must apply for an exemption approval by the Town of Vail. As a property owner you are responsible for all other taxes, including property tax.
Can I rent my property after signing the deed restriction?
Yes you may rent the unit. Requirements for tenants and owners are the same. The unit must be used as the individual’s primary residence and they must work a minimum of 30 hours per week in Eagle County.
As an investor can I rent my property?
Yes you  may rent the unit. Requirements for tenants and owners are the same. The unit must be used as the individual’s primary residence and they must work a minimum of 30 hours per week in Eagle County.
Do I need to be a legal US citizen?
There are no restrictions regarding citizenship. The only requirement is to ensure compliance with the Housing Guidelines occupancy requirement.
Are there any Tax implications when I place a deed restriction on my property?
We recommend you speak to a financial or legal advisor with regard to any financial any ownership implications.
Are there local banks which are familiar with Vail Deed restricted properties?
Yes. The banks listed below are familiar with the Town of Vail Deed Restrictions. You may use any lender of your choice however confirm they understand the Town of Vail Deed Restriction.
How do you qualify/apply?
Apply using the application below.  Your request will be forwarded to the Housing Department and the Vail Local Housing Authority (the Board) for review.
How many properties can you deed restrict?
There is no limit on the number or properties an individual can deed restrict.
How much money can I receive to place a deed restriction on my property?
The amount awarded will depend on your circumstances, what your request is and how your property meets the review criteria.
How is the value of a deed restriction determined?
The Town will use the following methods to determine fair value of your property:
  • Using comparisons from two properties side by side property values from most recent sale.
  • Town Staff will review Eagle County Assessor recent sale information for similar properties.
  • Schedule an Appraisal in case of a property purchase.
  • Determined through owner and Board negotiation.
How is my property evaluated by the Board?
The Board reviews 10 criteria, listed below to make a determination.
The following criteria and findings shall be used by the Board when determining whether to acquire a deed restriction:
  • Supports and maintains a permanent year- round resident population that grows a diverse community where a wide range of demographics, economics, occupations and family household sizes are served.
  • Furthers the goal adopted in the Vail Housing 2027 Strategic Plan
  • Consistent with the housing policies adopted by the Vail Town Council for the acquisition of deed restrictions for resident housing
  • Demonstrated demand exists within the resident housing market for the type of residential product ( studio, flat, townhome, duplex, single family, etc.) that is to be deed restricted
  • Fulfills a demonstrated need within a defined segment (i.e. for rent, for sale, owner occupied, etc.) of the residential property market.
  • Demonstrates a quantifiable return on investment based upon the conclusions of the Economic Value of the Town' s Investment in Employee Housing Report, prepared by BBC, dated March 12, 2012
  • The market value of the deed restriction is comparable in value to other existing deed restrictions within the community as demonstrated by a licensed real estate appraiser
  • Most cost effective and efficient use of the Town' s limited supply of financial resources
  • Fair market value is paid for the deed restriction relative to current market conditions (i.e. supply & demand)
If my property/application request is accepted how long will it be before I receive the funds?
Once the Board approves the request a Notice of Deed Restriction Purchase Agreement will be signed with you and the Town of Vail. Funds will be requested from finance and a check generated, generally 2-3 weeks. The Town will work with you regarding when and how funds are routed to you.

The Notice of Deed Restriction Purchase Agreement states the Town and you are entering into an agreement, money for a deed restriction on a specific property. The requirement is to record a deed restriction.
Step by Step Process
1. Fill out the application form below
a. List property address if purchasing (the property must be located in Vail
b. Provide your contact information (name as held or to be held on title, mailing address)
c. Specify decision date needed if tied to a purchase/closing date
d. Specify amount of money you would like to apply for
2. This application will be sent to Lynne Campbell, Housing Coordinator for the Town of Vail.
3. Upon approval for funds, you will enter into Notice of Deed Restriction Purchase agreement with the Town of Vail.


Provide name(s) as title to property will be or is held.
The Town cannot place a deed restriction on property with right of first refusal.
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About Us

Vail Local Housing Authority (VLHA)

The Council resurrected the Vail Local Housing Authority in 2001 after a seven-year absence.

The five-member volunteer board meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month at 3pm and is responsible for:
• Budget approval
• Adopting policies
• Advocacy
• Staff oversight
• Strategic long-term planning, setting development and acquisition parameters

In 2016 the Town Council adopted the Vail Housing 2027 Plan and Resolution No. 34, Series 2016 appointing the VLHA as the Town’s agent to negotiate and purchase deed restriction in the Town. The 2027 plan goal is to “acquire 1,000 additional resident housing unit deed restrictions by the year 2027.” Consequently the Vail InDEED program was created to provide a cash incentivize in exchange for a deed restriction on a Vail residential property.

Current projects the VLHA is involved with are advocating or creating policy for Residences at Main Vail (Middle Creek Lot 3).

The VLHA updated the 1999 Employee Housing Guidelines in 2018 and is involved in making recommendations with regard to housing in the Open Lands Plan, the West Vail Master Plan and Rent by Owner discussions. Board and staff members also participate in the Eagle County Housing and Development Authority Advisory Committee, Vail Valley Partnership Housing Workforce Coalition and Housing Colorado.

VLHA Board Members:
Board Member, Term Expires
Steve Lindstrom, Chairman, 2025
Dan Godec, 2026
Craig Denton, 2027
Kristin Williams, 2023
James Wilkins, 2024

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