Vail Local Housing Authority (VLHA)

The Council resurrected the Vail Local Housing Authority in 2001 after a seven-year absence.

The five-member volunteer board meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month at 3pm and is responsible for:
• Budget approval
• Adopting policies
• Advocacy
• Staff oversight
• Strategic long-term planning, setting development and acquisition parameters

In 2016 the Town Council adopted the Vail Housing 2027 Plan and Resolution No. 34, Series 2016 appointing the VLHA as the Town’s agent to negotiate and purchase deed restriction in the Town. The 2027 plan goal is to “acquire 1,000 additional resident housing unit deed restrictions by the year 2027.” Consequently the Vail InDEED program was created to provide a cash incentivize in exchange for a deed restriction on a Vail residential property.

Current projects the VLHA is involved with are advocating or creating policy for Residences at Main Vail (Middle Creek Lot 3).

The VLHA updated the 1999 Employee Housing Guidelines in 2018 and is involved in making recommendations with regard to housing in the Open Lands Plan, the West Vail Master Plan and Rent by Owner discussions. Board and staff members also participate in the Eagle County Housing and Development Authority Advisory Committee, Vail Valley Partnership Housing Workforce Coalition and Housing Colorado.

VLHA Board Members:
Board Member, Term Expires
Steve Lindstrom, Chairman, 2025
Dan Godec, 2026
Craig Denton, 2027
Kristin Williams, 2023
James Wilkins, 2024

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