"Working with Vail Indeed was a very smooth and efficient process! Both Lynne and George were responsive to my questions and concerns, along with understanding about my personal situation."
- Lloyd B.

"The Vail InDEED program is a great initiative to have long term housing in Vail. The Town has devised an efficient way to make sure locals have housing."
- Bret B.

"Pretty straight forward program, easy to apply for and pretty quick turn around. Great opportunity for locals!"
- Dana G.

"We are writing to let you know how wonderful our experience and transaction has been with the InDeed program. We were asking a friend (Mark G.) about the potential of selling our condo in Vail and he told us we would be better off looking into this program. We are glad he informed us of this. It was prior to the time the "news" hit the local media."
- William and Kelly

"It seemed like it was almost too good to be true. We have rented this condo for almost 6 years to people who work in Vail. It was our own "deed restriction" that we came up with as long time locals who know how bad the housing situation is. We are both in management positions and encounter employees who find it impossible to attain living situations in or near Vail."
- MIchael T.

"George Ruther and Lynne Campbell guided us and made certain we knew exactly what we were getting into. It was pleasure to work with both of them and get to know where the town stands on investing in employee-type housing. The town of Vail is in great hands and continues to move in a positive direction. This housing situation will never go away but chipping away at deed restrictions is a great help."
- Jack and Kami

"We were sure to let our friends know about this program and spread the word. Keep up the great work!!"
- Rob & Deb